You can say that Alcom Printing is a company that has built itself on sustainability—from their environmental practices, to their customer relationships, to their people. In spite of a number of challenges, including a rough economy and major changes within their operation, they have sustained successful growth. Today the company is expanding in new directions thanks to a series of recent acquisitions opening the door for a broader range of higher-quality materials with improved brand accuracy, customization, and customer service.

Less than two years ago, Alcom, located in Harleysville, PA, about 30 miles outside Philadelphia, did not have a fraction of these capabilities. President Bill Kuplen has led his company in a new direction, citing that “anyone can put ink on paper,” but he and his team turned their focus instead to their customers. As Alcom moves forward, they continue to diversify, investing in the right markets that will strengthen their company.

Diversification Is Key

Over the past 14 months, Alcom has acquired four separate firms, allowing them to diversify their offerings and better meet their clients’ needs. Thanks to such purchases, they can serve new markets, including wide-format, branded promotional items, and custom check printing. All of these complement our core business of digital, sheetfed web printing, and mailing and fulfillment. “To survive in this market,” Don Eichman, VP of Sales at Alcom ,says, “diversification is key. You must have different streams of revenue to prepare for the ups and downs of different vertical markets.”

With added wide-format capabilities, they are now able to print on a wide range of substrates, whether it’s window cling, wall paper, glass, wood, or other materials. Their customers benefit not only from a greater selection of product choices but also more customization and quicker turnaround times. In a market where customers demand one-offs and same-day order fulfillment, Alcom is able to ensure delivery and brand consistency, which increases their competitive edge by becoming a one-stop shop.

YES Is the Answer

Focusing on their customers’ needs has enabled Alcom to develop stronger relationships with them. “We spend significant time building relationships with our clients,” Bill comments. “I believe this is what has sustained our growth over 61 years.”

Their company message, “YES is the answer! . . . Now what’s the question?” is more than just a slogan. It’s a mindset, according to Bill, and one that has empowered Alcom to tackle new markets and materials to grow their client base.

But relationships are built upon more than delivery of accurate, on-time work for their customers. Alcom is also committed to offering environmentally sustainable products. As the thirteenth printer in the U.S. to be certified as a sustainable green printer from the Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership, the company has created a sustainable supply chain by demanding responsible sourcing from their vendors for a range of substrates from paper to plastics. For petroleum-based plastics and other wide-format substrates, which are less environmentally friendly than paper, they opt for recyclable and biodegradable alternative materials.

In our present market environment, it is survival of those companies that can roll with the punches. Alcom has sustained itself by seizing opportunities to strengthen the internal core and diversifying product and service offerings. Yet even as they expand, they recognize that their present success would be unreachable if not for the relationships they’ve developed with their customers through service and their commitment to sustainability. It is with these materials that Alcom moves forward toward a successful future.

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