Our Commitment

Alcom is committed to implement sound environmental, health and safety (EHS) practices in every facet of our business. Our passion for continuous improvement and ongoing communication with EHS issues will exceed regulated expectation; execute source reduction, pollution prevention, reuse and recycling. We consider this responsibility an opportunity to encourage enthusiasm for the sustainability of the environment; through the continued quest for knowledge we will educate and engage our stakeholders who are our colleagues, family, friends and community leaders.

Alcom became the 13th printer in the United States to be certified as a sustainable green printer by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership. We believe in doing what we can to maintain the health and viability of the world in which we live. The SGP encourages participation in the worldwide movement to reduce environmental impact and increase social responsibility of the print and graphic communications industry. This certification is given to those who have built an ongoing sustainable approach to doing business every day to minimize the impact on our environment and yours.

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Our  Policy

At Alcom we adopt strategies and activities that allow our company and our stakeholders to realize their profit goals in ways that protect, sustain and restore the Earth’s life support systems. Alcom’s commitment to the environment is robust and as vigorous as our commitment to customer service and the quality of our products.  Alcom will always work to reduce our carbon footprint by exploring new and innovative ways of recycling, waste reduction, chemical usage, ink usage and supply sourcing so long as it does not compromise the ultimate quality of the products we provide.

Alcom commits to continued research and implementation of acceptable alternatives to current processes where necessary and feasible, and to always adhere to the guiding principles of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership.  We commit to Environmental, Health and Safety regulatory compliance as well as compliance with labor regulations while continuing to demonstrate continuous improvement of the facility’s sustainability performance.  Alcom commits to educating its stakeholders on the values of sustainable printing and will urge customers to consider the environment in the printing choices they make. We will share our sustainability performance and improvements with our stakeholders. And finally, Alcom commits to remaining an industry leader in visual communications by ensuring that our green vision does not interrupt customer satisfaction or product quality, but rather coincides with it so that we may be a model corporation for others seeking effective ways to become sustainable without product sacrifice.

Review. Re-Tool. Re-Train.

Alcom has implemented a sustainability management system (SMS) that measures specific steps to reduce our environmental footprint. We have implemented pollution prevention activities and committed to fundamental social and ethical norms. Alcom provides annual reporting and takes part in an independent biennial certification audit to assure we are doing all we can to make our facility, our processes and our work habits healthy for our employees and our planet.

Meeting your Sustainability Goals

We are committed to using suppliers with as strong environmental initiatives such as you. Alcom’s green initiative can help you meet your corporate sustainability goals; don’t hesitate to ask how we can support your objectives.

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