Alcom Printing Group, Inc. Retains Idealliance G7 Master Facility Certification

November 30, 2019 – Harleysville, PA

Alcom Printing Group, Inc. of Harleysville, PA, a western suburb of Philadelphia, announced today that it has retained the G7® Master Facility

Qualification of its integrated color management system for producing printed products at its plant in Harleysville.

G7® is an industry-leading set of specifications from Idealliance® for achieving visual similarity

across all print processes. It is a global standard widely used to measure the color accuracy on

any output device.

“This qualification provides third-party verification that Alcom delivers exceptional color matching and color consistency for our printed products said Doug Yeager, COO.

“This allows Alcom to manage process control better, reduce make-ready, and improve overall efficiency in all aspects of our workflow. For our customers, this consistency also ensures uncompromising color according to their brand standards.”

“The G7 process gives the industry the tools and guidelines to more efficiently achieve and maintain that color reproduction. In turn, G7 Master qualified facilities deliver even more consistent color reproduction for their customers.” explains Timothy Baechle, CEO, Idealliance.

Participants in the G7 program pride themselves on color management, process control, and

maintaining production efficiency. With the help of certified G7 Experts and Professionals, who

are trained in the industry leading set of specifications for achieving gray balance, G7 Master

Qualified Facilities align their print processes to ensure a neutral appearance across multiple


“Alcom’s qualification is critical to the success of our print buyers and partners.” Yeager said. “G7 allows our organization to more precisely match a customer’s brand color requirements

on a variety of printed products from any technology and application, everything from media to publications is on brand.”

Idealliance® is dedicated to guiding media production best practices, specifications, and standards, worldwide. To learn more about G7 Master Qualification, please visit

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