Direct Mail Services

Alcom offers a wide variety of direct mail services, including an on-site USPS Office to expedite your marketing materials into the mail stream.

Alcom delivers on-time and on-budget direct mail solutions

Alcom’s lettershop mail services include:

  • On-Site USPS Office
  • High Speed Inserters
  • Collating and Inserting
  • In-line Folding
  • Ink-Jet Addressing
  • Stamp Affixing and Metering
  • Tabbing and Wafer Sealing
  • Laser Printing
  • Poly Bagging
  • Variable Data Printing
  • Match Mailings

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One2One Marketing

Create the perfect personalized communication

As you know, personalized direct mail using relevant data will help to create a unique, One2One communication with each customer and prospect who receives your piece. Our experienced Business Development Team will help you create a strategy utilizing an integrated marketing approach with proven cross media techniques that will engage your customers and prospects.

The advantages of Integrated Direct Mail Campaigns are:

  • Target consumers by location, product interest and purchasing behaviors
  • Create a personalized piece with relevant content and offers
  • Variable Text and Images to create an experience
  • Trackable and measureable results, capturing conversions and hand-raisers
  • Reporting engine to analyze and strategically plan your next touch

Data Processing

Code your list and track responses

At Alcom our direct mail specialists recommend coding your mailing lists so you can easily track your responses by unique indicators. Alcom’s sophisticated database manipulation services can ensure your list mailing will be pre-sorted for maximum postal discounts.

  • CASS certification to meet all of the US Postal Service’s stringent requirements
  • Merge/purge of duplicate records by selected criteria to prevent more than one mail piece to the same recipient
  • NCOA (National Change of Address) Directory will allow you to achieve accurate addresses to increase your results
  • Pre-sort software to update records and fix potential non-deliverables before they are introduced in the postal mail stream to prevent wasted postage and returned mail pieces
  • Database details including source codes, member numbers, or any identifying data possible to help identify each responder
  • List enhancement procurement
  • Purl (Personal Url) list appending



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