Web-based Storefront and Fulfillment Solutions

Alcom has developed an intelligent, modular, web-based storefront and fulfillment online system. With this cost-effective solution, you can customize your storefront and add on features and modules as needed. Alcom’s unique system will allow you to effectively streamline collateral to your employees, customers and authorized franchisees, while maintaining the integrity of your corporate brand and controlling the costs.

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Intelligent Templates

We all know that it can be a challenge to protect and maintain your corporate brand when you are dealing with multiple office locations, as well as individual departments utilizing corporate communications to communicate internally and with customers. With Alcom’s pre-set corporate approved templates, authorized users can work with all of your branded communication materials and customize only the areas approved within the templates. Online proofing and sign-off features will help control any errors throughout the process. These pre-designed corporate templates will help control unnecessary graphic design and project management costs.

Print-Mail on demand

Our web-based online storefront solution will enable you to print and mail as you need. This will eliminate the need to maintain large inventories of printed corporate communication materials, and ensure up-to-date versions are being accessed. Our system will allow you to upload your electronic data lists or purchase mailing lists with customized demographic selections.

Process management

Alcom’s management tools solutions with real time reporting features will allow you to streamline your order management, inventory and warehouse, shipping vendors, confirmations, automatic low level alerts, banking and merchant interfaces, back order management, interactive shopping carts, and so much more.

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