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75+ Years of Innovation and Service

When a company or individual chooses Alcom Printing Group as their integrated marketing communications provider, it’s the start of a lifelong partnership. It’s in our DNA to create the most optimal customer experience possible, meet their needs beyond their expectations, and lay the foundation and the groundwork for a relationship that will last through the ages.

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To do this, Alcom is dedicated to providing a consultative and strategic approach to our services, not only through using the most innovative methods of print production but also by ensuring a white-glove approach to understanding your unique goals. We work alongside you to develop the optimal strategic approach to produce the highest quality output while identifying ways to do more within your print budget.

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Full-scale print partner

Alcom is ready to be your integrated marketing communication provider no matter what that looks like – providing strategy, consulting, and graphic design support, fulfilling your printed collateral, picking and packing your order, or producing custom kitting orders on the fly.

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Online ordering &
inventory management

Automated online ordering and real-time inventory management systems streamline the process of material customization and ordering while maintaining brand consistency and cost savings.

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Environment-first production

Meet your corporate sustainability goals by partnering with an SGP Certified printing partner committed to organization-wide sustainability practices.

  1. 1943

    The Fuller Organization is established.
  2. 1954

    The Fuller Organization renamed Radnor Graphic Arts.
  3. 1954

    Vincent B. Fuller starts The Lehigh Lithographing Company.
  4. 1961

    Radnor Graphic Arts renamed the company Havertown Printing Company.
  5. 1964

    Lehigh Litho installed the first four color offset perfector printing press in the Lehigh Valley.
  6. 1973

    Lehigh Litho purchases Havertown Printing Company.
  7. 1980

    Lehigh Litho, Inc. and Havertown Printing Company form Alcom Printing Group, Inc.
  8. 1984

    Alcom forms Telecomposition Inc.
  9. 1998

    Alcom becomes a beta site for Creo Computer to Plate technology.
  10. 1999

    Alcom breaks ground for a printing and binding facility outside of Lansdale, Pennsylvania.
  11. 2000

    Lehigh Litho, Inc. and Havertown Printing Company move into the new 85,000 square foot complex.
  12. 2004

    Alcom enters the Print-On-Demand world.
  13. 2005

    Alcom breaks ground for expansion at the Harleysville facility.
  14. 2006

    Alcom opens their brand new 43,000 square foot addition, housing direct mail and custom packaging/fulfillment along with a fully automated warehouse.
  15. 2007

    Alcom enters the digital print world, Alcom acquires S&H Mailers, and purchases equipment from Trinity Packaging, spurring entry into the short run trading card business.
  16. 2010

    Alcom becomes the 13th printer in the United States to be certified Sustainable Green Printer by the Sustainable Green Printing partnership.
  17. 2013

    Alcom announces the acquisition of Macorp Print Group.
  18. 2014

    Alcom acquires Nice Lines Direct Mail, Inc.
  19. 2014

    Alcom adds Wide-Format capabilities.
  20. 2015

    Alcom purchases equipment and enters into agreement to produce all of the printing and fulfillment of Sheridan Printing Company.
  21. 2016

    Alcom purchases UV Coater to further shorten delivery times and enhance Print On Demand offerings.
  22. 2018

    Alcom acquires the assets of Great Atlantic Graphics, LLC.
  23. 2019

    Alcom announces the purchase of Payne Printery, Inc.
  24. 2020

    Alcom announces the purchase of Christmas City Printing Company, Inc.
  25. 2021

    Alcom adds inkjet printing capbilities.


Don Eichman

Don Eichman

President & CEO

Christopher Sicinski

Christopher Sicinski

Vice President, Manufacturing & Scheduling

Steve Ritter

Steve Ritter

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Ambruch

Chris Ambruch

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Dean Croly

Dean Croly

COO, Data, Mail, Distribution