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coldset web printing

Unrivaled Cold Set Printing Expertise

Only six printing companies with cold set presses remain in the United States, and Alcom Printing is proud to be among them with a deep history and knowledge of the production process attached. Often used for the production of newspapers or large-quantity financial statements, cold-set web printing provides high-volume output on absorbent uncoated paper, making it the preferred option for those requiring speed and cost-efficiency in their print production.

coldset web printing

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Cost-Efficiency at Scale

Cold set printing is one of the most cost-effective forms of printing, as the presses use large rolls of paper that allow for printing tens of thousands of feet of paper per hour. The higher the volume, the lower the cost per piece.

coldset web printing

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Customizable Capabilities

With the ability to print in black-and-white or CMYK, cold set printing allows for the production of customized colors to meet the desired shade. Additional capabilities include 11”-39” rolls, in-line glue and trim or in-line sheeting, and a 32-page web offset book press.

coldset web printing

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 Ideal Applications

Cold set web printing is best used to print high-quantity pieces on highly absorbent, uncoated paper, including newspapers, annual reports, financial statements, booklets, and catalogs.