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Full-scale Direct Mail Services

With the right full-service direct mail partner, you can unlock a high-ROI solution that meets your audience where they are. Alcom Printing Group provides full-scale direct mail services, including strategic campaign planning, printing, and mailing through our on-site USPS Office. We’re CASS-certified to meet all of the US Postal Service’s stringent requirements, giving you peace of mind that your direct mail program will go out without a hitch.

direct mail

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Strategy-driven Approach

Our experienced business development team will help you build a strong strategy through an integrated marketing approach with proven cross-media techniques guaranteed to engage your customers and prospects.

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Personalized Communication at Scale

Use variable text and images to target your customers and prospects with a unique experience and one-to-one message or offer that will entice action. Our NCOA (National Change of Address) Directory provides accurate addresses to increase your delivery results. Use the pre-sort software to update records and fix potential non-deliverables before they are introduced in the postal mail stream and prevent wasted postage and returned mail pieces.

direct mail

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Data Processing & Reporting

Easily track and measure responses by coding your mailing lists with unique indicators, and take advantage of Alcom’s sophisticated database manipulation services to ensure your mailing list is pre-sorted for maximum postal discounts. Tie it all together with a reporting engine to analyze and strategically plan your next touch.