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Our passion for continuous improvement and ongoing communication with EHS issues exceed regulated expectations.

Because of our passion, we execute source reduction, pollution prevention, reuse, and recycling. We consider this responsibility an opportunity to encourage enthusiasm for the sustainability of the environment. Through the continued quest for knowledge, we will educate and engage our colleagues, family, friends, and community leaders.

Our sustainability management system (SMS) measures specific steps to reduce our environmental footprint and our green initiative can, in turn, help you meet your corporate sustainability goals.

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A Sustainable Group Printing Certified Facility

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership has recognized our commitment to sustainable printing practices and added us to their certified sustainable green printers list. We believe in doing what we can to maintain the health and viability of the world in which we live. This certification is given to those who have built an ongoing sustainable approach to doing business every day to minimize the impact on our environment and yours.


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Remain a landfill-free facility focusing on the Energy from Waste (EfW) principle.

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Conduct pollution prevention activities to commit to fundamental social and ethical norms.

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Research and implement acceptable alternatives to current processes where necessary and feasible.

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Maintain EHS regulatory compliance and conduct annual reporting and biennial certification audits to continuously improve our sustainability performance.

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Remain an industry leader by ensuring that our green vision does not interrupt customer satisfaction or product quality.

While our commitment to the environment is strong and ever-increasing, so is our commitment to the quality of our products and customer satisfaction. We will always work to reduce our carbon footprint by exploring new means of recycling, waste reduction, chemical usage, ink usage, supply sourcing, etc., so long as it does not compromise the ultimate quality of the products we provide.

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SGP Certified Facility