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The Challenge

image of a computer screen with the log-in page showing for the Center for Vein Restoration's online ordering portal. The log-in screen is blue with photos of patients and nurses across the bottom. The text for the log-in form is in white. The portal allows users to print marketing materials on demand.

A rapidly growing physician-led vein center found they needed professional printing services to produce print and marketing materials. At the time, they relied on the various locations to fax their print orders monthly, which caused delays that spanned weeks. The ordering process lacked timeliness and transparency. As a result, the locations ended up placing multiple orders for the same item, thinking their previous requests had not been received. This inefficient process also made reporting inaccurate, impacting version control, budgets, and spending by location.

The Solution

In addition to becoming the organizations preferred printing provider, Alcom built a custom online ordering portal to bring efficiency and transparency to the center’s printing needs. First, we identified items that could be used universally across locations and kept in inventory to help reduce the number of monthly orders. We then created templates and housed them in the online portal so marketing materials could be customized to an individual or location and printed on demand.

These templates include:

  • Brochures
  • Doctor Bios
  • Referral Notepads
  • Appointment/Business Cards
  • Calendars
  • Signs
  • Promotional Materials
  • Flyers

Through the online portal, each location and region is assigned a quarterly spending account that includes an approval process, allowing regional managers to approve and track what is being ordered. The orders are then fast-tracked to Alcom Printing for efficient, high-quality print production. To further help increase efficiency, shipping was integrated with UPS tracking with locations receiving timely emails regarding the status of their order. Finally, we set up custom reporting that shows the spend by location and region and predicted when materials would need to be reordered (including the universal static inventory) so that costs could be better estimated.

The Results

Today with 115+ locations and growing, Center for Vein Restoration is now able to efficiently customize and print their marketing materials on demand and ensure their materials are consistent, accurate, and efficiently tracked internally.