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coworkersThe Challenge

The Insurance group offers hundreds of different health plans for its clients employees, each providing a number of options. The current process of processing the correct information to consumers was time consuming and very costly. For each consumer, the staff would have to manually assemble a kit from static and pre-printed materials; a process that was long and exposed the group to outdated or wrong information going to consumers.

The Solution

The proposal of a robust Web-to-Variable Print solution to reduce processing time, costs, and a proven quality control process for sending personalized kits was presented. Our process allows the administrative staff to add a new consumer to the health plan or make changes to a current member. It also streamlines the process of data collection and communication across all departments. This information is input into production and used to produce custom personalized kits for each member and all the members who have made edits to their plan options.

The Results

  • Automation and timely delivery of custom personalized information to all members.
  • Control branded marketing communications.
  • Easy access portal for admin use to choose and order custom kits.
  • Staff was able to focus on core duties.
  • Streamlined quality control process for zero tolerance errors.