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group of peopleThe Challenge

The PA University began to notice a significant amount of people visiting their website and beginning applications, but then leaving the site without completing and submitting the application. There were also considerable numbers of people inquiring about online courses, but not signing up for courses.

The Solution

Alcom was hired to develop a new approach to encourage these interested students their application, and sign up for online courses. Alcom printed and mailed an oversized postcard to 8,592 potential students, each highlighting the area of interest (major) for the potential student. Potential students were encouraged to visit their PURL for more information concerning the University online and their area
of specific study. The site utilized imagery and copy that highlighted the specific segment that the student was interested in pursuing.

Two weeks following the intial mailing, an email blast was sent to each person as a reminder. The email re-capped what the mail piece had originally stated, and again encouraged each person to visit their personalized URL. Two weeks following the first e-mail blast, a second e-mail blast was sent, but this time, only to potential students that had not already responded to either the mail piece, or the first e-mail.

The Results

8,592 mail pieces with a personalized URL were sent. There were 921 unique visits to the personalized URLs, and 1,298 visits total. The overall response rate was 10.72%. The response rate far surpassed all previous response rates. The University continues to pursue and utilize the program.